Internet Security FAQs

What is Windstream doing about Spam, and how can I report it?

Windstream is committed to fighting Spam. We currently have installed a Spam filter on our email server, and this has greatly reduced the amount of spam delivered to Windstream customers, unfortunately, not all Spam is captured by the filter. Spammers go to great lengths to evade filters, and spend large amounts of effort and money in avoiding detection from most mail filters.

When Spam is delivered to your mailbox, we ask that you report it to us, and here is how:

We must receive the spam within three days from when the mail was initially received by you to effectively write rules and filter the spam; after 3 days attacks are usually complete or changed, so that writing a rule against the message is not productive.

Getting the message to us in the proper format is easy. For Outlook Express, simply go to the Menu Bar at the top of the screen, and select "Message". From there, scroll down to "Forward As Attachment". Add in in the "To" field, and send the message. It is also possible for you to send us multiple messages in one email, thereby decreasing the time you spend forwarding these unwanted emails. From your Inbox, simply highlight each message that you want to forward to us, then Go to the Menu Bar, select "Message", and then scroll down to "Forward As Attachments", and send the mail to us at

We then take this information, load it into our filtering system, and improve its ability to detect the unwanted emails.